Embryo Donation

What is Embryo Donation?

Many of our atlasCARE IVF couples find that they have extra frozen embryos after their IVF procedure in the Republic of Georgia. This allows them to offer other couples who may be just starting out or perhaps had an unsuccessful cycle — a chance at parenthood.

Frozen Embryo Transfer for Embryo Donation

A Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) is a cycle in which the frozen embryos from a previous fresh IVF cycle are thawed and then transferred to the uterus of the intended mother. The actual transfer of the thawed embryos is performed in our office, without anesthesia and is essentially non-invasive.

Embryo Donation is not an ‘open’ process and the donating couples, with rare exception, have elected to remain anonymous.

How are the embryo donors screened?

All couples undergoing IVF have had routine fertility testing prior to their initial IVF treatment, including blood tests for HIV 1 and 2; HTLV 1 and 2; Hepatitis B; Hepatitis C; Syphilis.

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